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Epson world leader in projectors since 2001

Your success in the world of visual communications means having the freedom to project brighter, bolder, more creative images in every environment. That’s why we work so hard to develop innovative, versatile solutions that take projected visuals to new dimensions.

Our commitment to product quality, technology and relationships, backed by unparalleled service and support, is the reason we’ve been the world’s No.1 projector manufacturer since 2001.

From education and art galleries to digital signage and corporate events, from in-house projector fleets to the rental and staging market, our projectors are the smart, advanced solution.

Exceptional quality

Every Epson projector is the result of our commitment to research, develop and manufacture with superb image quality, ease of operation and total reliability in mind. Our solutions combine high brightness, improved texture and exceptional sharpness to produce powerful, vivid images that can cut through high levels of ambient light, even in large spaces.

Epson EB-L25000U

Cutting-edge technology

Our projectors add flexibility, quality and creativity in almost every setting. Versatile set-up and connectivity, including 360º installation and easy networking, make great projection simple.

Our 3LCD technology produces images up to three times brighter than conventional 1-chip DLP projectors. We created the world’s brightest 3LCD laser projector, the EB-L30000U, using the inorganic light engine in our laser projectors. With resolution up to native 4K and versatile features Epson projectors lead the way in high lumen visual communication for the most demanding of environments.

Comprehensive support

As well as building robust products that last, we offer a range of service and support options for our projectors that free you to concentrate on being creative for your customers and audiences. From pre-sales advice to ongoing assistance and access to our experts, our standard and CoverPlus warranties give you extensive ongoing backup that works whenever you need it.

Building relationships

We work closely with our customers and partners to incorporate your feedback and tailor our products to meet changing market needs. Our collaborative approach results in unique innovations, like inorganic LCD panels and phosphor wheel for superior light, improved heat resistance and longer product life.

Rental and staging installation solutions Create the ultimate visual performance

There’s more to a performance than what you see on stage. It’s about allowing your audience to feel truly connected by experiencing the texture, sharpness, clarity and detail of stunning visual effects.

Our versatile, high-performance installation Pro AV projectors, led by the EB-L30000U, EB-L20000U, EB-L12000Q and EB-L1755U are designed for exceptional reliability and flexibility. Meet the demands of audiences in auditoriums, theatres, concerts, large-scale corporate events and outdoor venues around the world.

  • Enhanced clarity and detail

    When you look for awe-inspiring visual experiences, you can draw on our meticulous research and development that has achieved many world-firsts in laser technology. Benefit from world-leading brightness and ensure pin-sharp, high-definition images for large-scale presentations and events with our innovative native 4K and 4K enhancement technologies.

  • 360° for a more complete view

    Project images from any angle onto any surface without losing image quality. Switch easily to portrait projection or use our edge blending technology to project seamless panoramic, multi-screen images from both ceiling or wall-mounted projectors.

  • Durability

    Extend your creativity for longer with three layers of protection providing excellent durability and dust-resistance, while the liquid cooling system protects the light source and key optical components. Enjoy a long-lasting filter life of up to 30,000 hours for minimal intervention.

Epson L25000U

Visitor attraction installation solutions Captivate, entertain and inspire your audience

No rainbow effect

Stunning visual exhibits make memorable experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Our most advanced projectors combine 3LCD and 4K technology with vibrant colour and ultra-high contrast ratio to produce brilliant, true-to-life content reproduction.

Achieve reliable fit-and-forget performance with our powerful 9,000-lumen WUXGA 3LCD EB-L1495U laser projector. This 4K-enhanced projector offers outstanding image sharpness and long-lasting, low maintenance performance in a range of venues, including galleries, museums, theme parks and many other visitor attractions.

Deliver consistent images

Keep images consistent and minimise maintenance with the innovative built-in camera in our laser projectors. It detects images that become uneven or discoloured over time and recalibrates the image to compensate ensuring impactful displays are achieved reliably.

Transform any surface

Whatever surface type or shape, you can produce awe-inspiringly perfect images by projection mapping 3D objects and spaces, giving you almost limitless opportunities for amazing creativity in immersive environments.

Make a bigger impact

Delight audiences by projecting images in surprising places with a choice of installation options. Match every image for brightness and colour using edge blending and scaling.

Signage projection solutions Display lasting visual impressions

People remember stunning visual projections.

Strong imagery can completely change a person’s perception. Make your business appear more spectacular with the help of enchanting projections, offering a wide range of benefits over flat panels in a customer-facing environment. Flexible mounting options mean projectors can be mounted out of sight and reach on ceilings, walls and lighting tracks for dynamic, low-impact signage.

Our innovative LightScene EV-100 series digital signage solution combines stunning illumination with HD projection, ideal for retail, hospitality and entertainment environments. With it you can create eye-catching imagery in unusual shapes and sizes for fabulous visual experiences that are a world away from the restrictions of a flat panel.

A museum with banners projected onto the outside walls

Project onto any surface

Map images onto walls, products or entire buildings and advertise discretely on any surface by blending multiple projectors seamlessly together. The ultra-short-throw EB-750 series and EB-800 series are an alternative to a flat screen that can project large images from very short distances, so they are ideal for narrow spaces such as shop windows and corridors. For larger settings make an even bigger impact with the EB-L30000U, our brightest ever projector – 30,000 lumens are equivalent to 15 high-powered halogen bulbs – and maximise your promotional space by scaling up images without compromising quality or colour.

  • Exceptional customer experiences

    Make your space more inviting to boost customer experience, improve your reputation and enhance your earnings. Unlike traditional signage, our projectors can personalise the experience for each visitor. Projection imagery can be updated frequently and easily to reflect promotional and seasonal messaging.

  • Vivid colour

    Bring your ideas to life with our powerful, reliable, fit-and-forget EV-100 series installation projectors with built-in 3LCD imaging for more vivid colour. Experience colour reproduction up to three times brighter and a colour gamut up to three times wider.

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  • Epson Projector Content Manager

    Epson Projector Content Manager software allows the creation of playlists using photos, videos, shape filters and effects which can be scheduled and saved to an external storage device for cableless content playback.


    *Compatible with selected models only

  • Epson Creative Projection

    The Epson Creative Projection app gives users easy access to an array of creative elements, enabling the creation of custom content using a combination of videos, photos, text and existing pre-set filters or to upload new content to deliver unique effects.

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    *Compatible with selected models only

  • Low impact design

    Each product has a sleek, low impact design and most are available in black or white. They blend seamlessly into their environment and can be used in spaces where a regular projector just wouldn't be suitable.

  • Versatile installation

    The range benefits from versatile and flexible installation options. Project from any angle, including the floor, ceiling or wall. Selected models can even be installed on a lighting track.

Corporate and higher education display solutions Deliver inspirational learning and presentation experiences

Add creativity and inspiration to corporate meetings and modern learning environments.

Engage students with our range of corporate and higher education display solutions. Fit the most appropriate lens for any display scenario with our new flagship projector, the ‘body only’ EB-L1070U with a choice of 10 interchangeable Epson lenses. Captivate corporate audiences with up to 6,000-lumen brightness and Full HD WUXGA resolution delivered by the EB-L600 series. Replace old-fashioned lamp-based models in a range of large teaching and meeting spaces with affordable laser performance.

Produce vivid, engaging images

Produce vivid, engaging images even in brightly lit lecture theatres and meeting venues with our high resolution 3LCD technology that produces pin-sharp definition and equally high White and Colour Light Output for bright images.

Modernise your facilities

Modernise meeting rooms and lecture theatres with a wide choice of projectors operating the latest AV features and connectivity options. Make the most of your space with the option to ceiling-mount and install EB-L1070U or EB-L600 series projectors wherever you want without compromising performance.

Epson EB-L610W

Perfect views for audiences

Give students and delegates a perfect view from anywhere by scaling images with the EB-L1070U to suit all settings. Use the compact and versatile EB-L600 series for a range of environments from classrooms to conference rooms with advanced screen mirroring connectivity.

Embrace smart, intuitive, world-leading projector technology

  • 3LCD
  • 4K
  • 4K Enhancement

Epson is the world’s foremost projector manufacturer and we are committed to maintaining that position. We have 70% of our 1,100-strong Research and Development team dedicated solely to discovering exciting possibilities in projector technology. We never stop working on ways to give you the latest in quality, reliability and flexibility.

The future of projectors is here

3LCD produces bolder, brighter colour

Make your projections the brightest they can be. Building on the success of the world’s first 15,000 lumen 3LCD laser projector (EB-L1750U/EB-L1755U), the EB-L30000U takes brightness to 30,000 lumens.

Deliver vibrant, realistic images and optimise white balance and colour matching with images that are consistent and three times brighter than 1-chip DLP projectors, with no rainbow effect.

Install and maintain with fit-and-forget certainty in the toughest environments – we built them to excel in challenging conditions, even where it is dusty or smoky.

Native 4K and 4K enhancement technology

Show your audience the future of projecting with native 4K and 4K enhancement technology that allows you to watch 4K content or digitally upscale Full HD 1080p content.

Always deliver pin-sharp, high-definition images even in large or outside venues to create fabulous and memorable immersive experiences that will make your customers want to return.

Create better images in double-quick time

You can quickly and easily create perfectly aligned images with the Epson Projector Professional Tool. Our free, downloadable software utility improves the speed of set-up for multi-projector installations. It also gives you access to more advanced techniques straight out of the box.

Download Epson Professional software

A laptop showing the projector setup screen in front of an Epson projector

Reduce set up times significantly with easy control of basic projector functions, such as turning power on and off or displaying a test image. Adjust projector lens focus or position remotely and you’ll be captivating your audience in no time.

Download software


The connection ports on an EB-L30000U
  1. LAN port (RJ45: 100Base-TX)
  2. HDBaseT port
  3. DVI-D
  4. HDMI input port
  5. Service port
  6. Monitor out SDI
  7. 3G-SDI
  8. Computer input port (Mini D-Sub15-pin)
  9. Monitor out port (Mini D-Sub15-pin)
  10. BNC input port (5BNC)
  11. RS-232C port (Mini D-Sub 9-pin)
  12. Remote port (stereo mini)

Transform small spaces

When space is limited, you can project supersized images using the LX series ultra short-throw lenses, available in black and white.

These lenses are ideal for narrow spaces and rear-projection applications. Their wide lens shift range provides outstanding flexibility to transform even the most compact spaces.

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Large-size images

Use the ultra-short-throw lens to deliver stunning images from very short distances. The ELPLX02 supports screen sizes from 100 inches to 1,000 inches.

Flexible positioning

Install the LX series lenses where ceilings are low, and spaces are small with the wide lens shift range and zero vertical offset.


Choose from a range of Epson interchangeable lens projectors, from 5,500 up to 20,000 lumens.

Dynamic displays

Use either front or rear projection, including mounting from floor surfaces, to transform window displays and create memorable immersive experiences.

The top face of an Epson L1070U, pointing upwards

Implement eye-catching projections

Dazzling visuals that transform larger venues

Our latest range of 4K enhancement, 3LCD laser installation projectors bring large venues to life with vivid, colourful and bright visuals, from 5,500 to 7,000 lumens. The EB-L1075U, EB-L1070U and EB-L1050U fit-and-forget projectors are ideal when you need large format, detailed and powerful images.

Memorable presentations

With interchangeable lenses and high-quality laser images, the latest additions to our projector range open up new opportunities to bring memorable visual presentations to meeting and lecture rooms, as well as being suitable for visitor attractions, museums, galleries and digital signage.

Flexible installation

Fit almost anywhere with the freedom of 360° installation and tilt-free angle projection that won’t compromise performance.

Easy maintenance

Extend your creativity for longer with 20,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free projection that’s truly fit-and-forget.

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Throw distance calculator

Get the best picture

Our projector installation utility can help you find the perfect projector distance and screen size for your room.

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