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If you need to burn and print an individual disc, you can have it at the touch of a button. What’s more, if you want to print batches, the Discproducer is available in various models, allowing up to 100 discs in one work cycle. They can be used as a printer only or in a network environment, even a security model is available to save confidential data. Replaceable drives and maintenance cartridges expand the life of the whole unit whilst new functions like ‘read back’ and ‘merge print’ allow even more sophisticated applications with the second generation of Discproducers.

Industry-leading service

When you choose Epson, you get the world-class service you would expect from a leader. Our CoverPlus Service Program offers cost-effective service options including on-site service that extends your initial warranty coverage across most countries worldwide and for multiple years.


We are the only manufacturer in the world to design and develop both precision robotics and advanced printing solutions. Our Discproducer is a perfect example, with its compact design, dust-proof body and minimal moving parts it delivers precision performance and excellent reliability.

Within the last 5 years, Epson has become the market leader in many segments where optical media is required on demand. More than 50 percent of all hospitals1 in Europe which install CD/DVD publishers for patient CDs or archiving of patient data, select Epson because of its reliability and ease-of-use, even in harsh environments.

Product range

Total Disc Maker

All Discproducer models come with the software and tools you need to burn and print discs. Total Disc Maker includes disc editing, label editing and publishing functions.

All it takes is a few easy steps:

  • Select Data

    Simply select the media format, then drag, drop and burn.

  • Design the label

    Use your own design or one of the pre-defined templates and images provided. The preview display allows you to check your composition and save your work for easy retrieval.

    Some clever features simplify the print process, for example:

    • Batch numbering
    • Automatic date and time
    • Automatic folder tree printing
    • Automatic thumbnail printing
    • Automatic data volume printing
    • 20 templates for a quick start
    • Curved text
    • Barcode printing
    • Merge printing (5.0 or later)
    • Read back (5.0 or later)
  • Configure Production

    The software leads you through the process of setting up parameters for the number of discs, burning and print speeds, input and output tray selection and print resolution. Then click ‘Publish’ to start production.

  • Monitor Production

    Epson’s Total Disc Monitor software keeps you informed on the state of important functions as well as any current and pending jobs.

    Total Disc Maker is also available for Mac OS-X which supports the PP-50, PP-100, PP-100II and the PP-100AP.

    Total Disc Bridge:
    to implement Discproducers into other applications, can be downloaded after registration on a dedicated Epson server.

Consumables and options

To get the best publishing results, Epson offers the famous JVC/Taiyo Yuden WaterShield media together with one set of ink cartridges or as a set of 300 media.

These are the only media in the industry that confirm a data reliability of over 100 years (CD) or 50 years (DVD) in addition to the high-quality glossy and water resistant finish of the printed surface.

For high data volume archiving needs on Blu-ray discs™, the Panasonic Blu-ray disc™ are the preferred choice with state-of-the-art accuracy of the data for up to 50 years.

Many Industry sectors have selected the disc producer


Patient CD, cardiology, x-ray, mammography, CT, surgery surveillance


Police interviews, forensics, real estate, digitizing paper archives, surveillance

Corporate accounts

Presentations, promotions, movies, PR, press kits


Digitizing and distributing legal documents, court files


Education material, instructions, examination data, voice recording

Creative agencies

High-resolution photograph and video data, event movies, animations


TV and radio shows, pre/post production, CD-service for audience

Software house

Providing software and updates, documentations, manuals, games

Financial services

Contracts, personal files, backup

Duplicator service

Any private/corporate customer data, duplication service

Other vertical markets

Recording music, photos, videos, speeches, church sermons, event videos, presentations, concerts, travel videos, trade show hand-outs

Case studies

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