Gaming on your TV is fine but it's better projected on to a super-sized screen. Let us give you a thrilling ride and your heroes the treatment they deserve.

Giving you the power to bring the game to life.

Gamers are sophisticated when it comes to the big screen. You are rightly discerning when making sure the image is responsive enough to enable you to turn in your personal best performance, as we know how competitive you are!

A new dimension

Get right inside the action with the most immersive experience possible - 3D gaming. We challenge you not to duck! Move with your on-screen character as the drama unfolds in your living room. You get a real sense of being there using one of our Full HD or entry-level 3D projectors.

Key features

Super-size the action

When you want to game on a large scale, we can project an image up to 328 inches in size.

Gaming on the move

Take the action with you and game almost anywhere with our lightweight, plug-and-play projector.

Don't miss a thing

Easily play the darkest, most atmospheric scenes with our high contrast for deep, crisp blacks.

Gaming in daylight

Keep the blinds open as you can even play during the day with our bright projectors.

Use your tablet

Because we know you game wherever you can, our projectors work from your tablet or smart device.

Play without wires

Cut out some cables with a WirelessHD and 3D connection with no delay or degradation.

No delay

We have a 'fast mode' to cut any lag to get an almost instantaneous reaction to commands.

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