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Ink and media

Find out more about our ink and media. They are: tailored for high production print speeds; fast-drying; accurate on glossy, lustre and matte; they deliver similar print results on all formats and surfaces; consistently reproducible prints; high-quality printing; and a variety of different roll widths, are available to support all production needs.

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Tips for media storage and media handling

Notes on paper storage and handling

  • Store in the recommended environment (before and after opening) and keep out of direct sunlight.

  • We recommend storing paper in the optional paper case. If not, return the paper to its original packaging, and place in a separate packing box.

  • To prevent roll paper from unravelling, we recommend using the paper belt supplied to keep it in place.

  • After opening, remove any unused paper from the core unit, wind it up, and then store. If the paper is left installed in the printer for extended periods of time, the paper quality may be affected.

  • Allow paper to acclimatise to environmental conditions for about 24 hours before using. This should ensure that the media performs identically throughout the roll.

  • Dust inside the printing system can cause issues in the printer’s long term operation. To reduce the level of dust that may be introduced when loading the paper, wipe the sides of the media roll with a soft cloth before loading into the machine.

The following factors can negatively impact the stability of the final print:

  • Softeners in sleeves can cause the optical brighteners to yellow.

  • Prints should not be stored next to furniture that may contain chemicals, such as formaldehyde, as this may degrade the print colour.

  • Prints should not be stored close to copy machines because of ozone emissions.

  • The air flow in folders can have a negative impact - a cover sheet should help with this.

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