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Scanners are an essential part of any business – they are where physical information becomes manageable, secure digital content. Epson has developed the most comprehensive range of scanners on the market to meet the shifting requirements between sectors – enabling the capture of high-quality images and documents as easily and quickly as possible.

Easily capture, convert and distribute scanned information within your organisation. Benefit from advanced document imaging features that enable high-quality scans to be seamlessly stored in your workflow, from simple document filing systems to cloud services and enterprise content management solutions.

With models that significantly cut the steps required to capture and store documents – while supporting a wide range of applications across numerous sectors and business environments – we have a scanner to suit your needs.

Simple capture solutions

Ideal for organisations with regular scanning requirements, Epson’s simple scan process helps you to save time and work more efficiently – in any size format that suits you.

Whether you’re scanning images as small as a postage stamp or as large as an A0 blueprint, it’s easy to capture every aspect in high resolution – and reproduce them on almost any scale.

Even the smallest images, wherever you find them, can be captured in such detail that printing them on a large format is more than achievable.

What’s more, Epson’s simple capture solutions allow you to scan to a wide range of destinations with ease:

Flexible scanning

Scan direct from the scanner’s touchscreen and create customisable presets and layouts without the need for a computer. You can also scan and share using your PC or Mac, with Epson ScanSmart software or use your phone or tablet with the Epson Smart Panel app.

Epson advanced capture

For demanding scan requirements and high-output environments, Epson’s two-step scan process captures and sorts documents in seconds thanks to advanced, pre-defined parameters set by you. TWAIN, ISIS and WIA drivers, or additional software plugins, allow for seamless integration into your preferred Document Management Systems, workflow systems and cloud services:

Technology that helps

Epson scanners enable you to meet all of your scanning requirements by providing impactful digital content:

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