Crystal Clear Film for Epson 17" x 30.5m (for SP WT7900)

CrystalClear™ Film for Epson is an optically clear film specifically designed for use with the Epson Stylus Pro WT7900. The perfect match for Epson’s white ink, CrystalClear™ is an excellent product for concept proofing applications. Together with Epson’s ClearProof® Film, the more economic CrystalClear film complements the proofing substrate portfolio for applications such as imposition proofing and draft/concept proofing.
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Crystal Clear Film for Epson 17" x 30.5m (for SP WT7900)
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The coating of the CrystalClear™ provides good print results with white inks on the SP WT7900, in combination with the Ultrachrome HDR ink with C, LC, M, LM, Y, Or, Gr, K.<br /><br />In applications such as concept proofing for mock-ups in the packaging industry, this technology enables you to print draft concepts for the packaging industry at a fraction of the cost of previous proofing methods.<br /><br />Whether you print in surface mode, i.e. white first and than all colours or the reverse mode - printing white as last colour for reverse viewing (from non printed side) - this 114µ thickness polyester film provides highest accuracy.<br /><br />The product comes in rolls of 17” (432mm) and 24”(610mm) at a length of 100’ (30.5m).<br /><br />It’s supported by a 30µ release liner in order to feed properly through the printer.<br /><br />Like all of Epson's innovative media, this paper is engineered to give you the highest resolution and color saturation possible. This substrate is supported by the established proofing software developers. As always, Epson supplies guarantee Epson quality.

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